In 2000 everything exploded

People used to joke that the world was going to end on January 1st 2000. The Y2K thing made it a great joke and source of concern for conspiracy theorists. Unfortunately for the world, one man had a sense of humor and a really large bomb.

It all started on January 1st, 1999. A viral video came out on the internet. It was a skull and a computer generated voice, kind of thing teens could make on their home computers. It said simply “On January 1st 2000 the world shall end in nuclear fury unleashed by a mighty cataclysm.” The part that made it so weird was the skull was placed over a background of mathematics. Some scientists actually saw it and looked it over and they were real theories on quantum energy and particle theory. People started joking about Dr. Cataclysm.

On February 28, 1999 another video came out. This time the skull was engraved on the casing of some kind of machine. Some demolition experts noted that it was actually really similar to the early designs for nuclear bombs. People agreed the joke was getting creepy. The message was
“An extra day to contemplate the coming end. You call me Dr. Cataclysm, very well I accept your name. Prepare for the end.”

June 21st 1999 a new video came out. The skull faded in and out over a schematic design and a mathematical theorem. This time people freaked out. Scientists confirmed that the math was high level particle physics, not currently published in any public journals. Explosive experts pointed out that the schematics were from a metal-free bomb casing, very similar to the neutron bomb. At that point government’s around the world announced that they were searching for the social terrorist known as Dr. Cataclysm and began attempting to remove his videos from the net. The message was simply soft laughter and a brief “Not long now.”

July 30th 1999 a medical research laboratory said that the theoretical waves caused by the math presented in the videos wouldn’t necessarily cause death, as they were energy frequencies that had never been recorded in nature. The laboratory was firebombed the next day during an all-hands staff meeting. Arson investigators were unable to explain the cause of the fire, nor how it burned so hot. No one in the building survived, nor did any of their research materials.

August 27th 1999 an example of the bomb casing, skull included, was found on a major flight coming into Washington DC. No arrests were on record. The device was the size of a carry on bag and experts theorized it could have destroyed several city blocks.

On September 15th 1999 the video started with a globe of the Earth. Points all across the globe flashed and waves of purple light swept outward in overlapping waves. When the purple faded the globe had been replaced by the Skull. Dr. Cataclysm stated “Soon. Soon you will all be my children, or you will be dead.” Examining the video in slow motion showed the specs originated in thousands of different locations and the shock waves were more than enough to cover the Earth a dozen times over.

December 1999 Governments of the world were dealing with severe panic and confusion in a lot of areas. Global economies were unstable. Copycat videos and cyber-terrorists were running rampant creating false sightings and websites. Terrorists were being killed by left and right by various Special Forces. Several government agencies and science departments were giving continual press meetings decrying the entire thing as the most elaborate hoax of the cyber-age.

December 31st 1999 @ 11:59pm GST a radio broadcast of such strength it overwhelmed every receiver in the world burst out a short message. It said “Boom.” Then the explosions started. All over the world pillars of purple light exploded into the sky and then spread out in mushroom waves that eventually struck the ground. Property damage was remarkably small, only in the area within 1 mile of the bombs were things vaporized to ash. The energy waves crossed across the world like gigantic ripples. Purple light was flashing around the world… and people died. Mammals, died. A lot of them, at least on land. Millions of planes, cars and boats crashed as their pilots and drivers died at the helm. Fires started, it was mass chaos. Worse were those that died, didn’t remain that way. The corpses rose and mindlessly began seeking prey, devouring any they could catch and capture for food.

3 Billion people died and became “Zombies” for lack of a better term. Martial law was declared almost globally and civilization barely managed to survive.
Then came the first Nova.

Quantum Apocalypse

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