Nova Research Corporation

Unlike the European Union the most prominent organization in the Republic of North America is a private one. A collaboration between Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson and Exxon Mobile created the company in an attempt to learn as much possible about Nova and figure out how to incorporate them into modern business practices, thus remaining on top of their prospective markets. The first thing the company did was bribe, borrow and practically kidnap the greatest minds they could find in the fields of Chemistry, Neurology, Particle Physics, Genetics and Psychology. Ironically several members of this brain trust were Novas or Erupted soon after. The group officially named themselves the “Brain Trust” and claim to be the smartest collection of minds on the planet.

Since it gained control of the company the Brain Trust has worked very hard at keeping the group politically neutral and maintaining a strict “We’re all equal” stance. Hiring practices are careful to maintain a highly visible normal-human population in high positions. Rumor has it they worked out some kind of secret treaty with the RoNA which allows them free range in return for giving the government first dibs at the results of their research.

The NRC also offers “free” training for newly erupted Novas in return for 3 months-per-month-training of service on their response teams. These response teams are loaned to cities and areas to provide services on a number of levels. Some have claimed they’re just mercenaries while others say they’re more like Independent Police or Firemen.

While there has been no proof there have been claims that Novas who refuse to work with and go through the training programs for the NRC face decreased hire-ability and discrimination when attempting to find work through Corporate or Government sectors.

Nova Research Corporation

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