Nova Initiative

The Nova Initiative is an organization instituted by the European Union to study and understand Novas. Why they erupt, why they have powers, etc. The The Initiative is currently under the guidance of CEO Selena Tomarraux, though some claim her assistant, a Nova called Childmind is actually running the organization.

Currently in the European Union law requires Novas to register themselves and their powers with the Initiative and to maintain regular contact. Novas caught without being registered or who abuse their powers face deportation at best, execution at worst. As a result the EU has been the greatest source of disciples for Ortus Laurus

The Nova Initiative currently has several fast response teams of Novas & Emergency Personal designed to handle disasters, unnatural phenomena and Nova related incidents. Their most elite team, Fleur de les Soleil, has been working together for over a year and has 4 Novas as well as a special medical disaster team.

The EU is facing some disruption in it’s current politics as more and more civil rights activists protest the registration and parole of Novas for the crime of existing. The region is split into several factions and Deacon Light’s agitators continually stir the pot hoping to bring more Novas to his banner.

Nova Initiative

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