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The American Government barely survived the Day of Cataclysm. The combined populations of North America were reduced to just under the former population of the USA alone. Canada & Mexico agreed to merge with the former United States and the Republic of North America was formed. Major population movements occurred, seeing a lot of people resettling in well built locations like Texas, the North East, Southern Pacific and the Vancouver area. The Midwest became a vast, sparsely populated plantation zone. Major cities are still inhabited though at much reduced populations. Industrial zones are both shrinking and expanding as companies are moving to where the people are. The economy is in complete shambles as people have resorted to a sort of barter system. Money value is only slowly regaining any kind of stability.

One thriving business is collecting and stockpiling abandoned belongings. The government nominally has claimed all property and estates of the dead who have no living descendants, but in the chaos nothing can stop people from simply walking into abandoned warehouses and buildings and claiming what they want. In some areas entire cities were abandoned but for a couple hundred refugees.

Companies, Governments, Militaries all suffered the same problem, vast numbers of people in the hierarchy died, suddenly and without warning. Restructuring these organizations have taken most of the time that has passed since the Cataclysm. Replacing the lost and redesigning their table of organization. Slowly they managed it. Then the introduction of Novas into the world threw everything sideways once more.

In the year and a half since the Day of Cataclysm several organizations have risen up centered around the newly “erupting” Novas.
NATO founded the Nova Initiative to study, understand and potentially control Novas.
The Republic of North America saw the rise of the Nova Research Corporation
Asia saw the rise of a group called God Hand
Australia was taken over by a Nova organization calling itself Ortus Laurus
One other group that has been growing fast all across the globe is the Church of the Sacred Man

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