God Hand

The God Hand teach that the Nova were created to serve the People. Originating somewhere in the Communist sectors of Asia this organization teaches that Dr. Cataclysm was a madman and attempted to kill off humanity, but instead produced man’s greatest saviors.

Unfortunately for the people of Asia this organization has the same opinion that to be the greatest “Servants” of the people they can be, they have to be in charge. For the people’s own good. North Korea fell swiftly to the God Hand which placed Novas in all areas of governance and proceeded to redistribute power as they saw fit. China, which saw over 500,000,000 dead in a matter of minutes has been fighting a low grade war with it’s Novas to keep the God Hand from assuming power.

The God Hand draws many of the same types as the Ortus Laurus, only their claim to be servants of Humanity makes them less frightening. Careful PR has kept the organization from looking as callous and the fact that in areas controlled by the God Hand their Nova support comes for “free” brings them a great deal of support.

Global response to the God Hand movement has been mixed. Many acknowledge that the super-abilities presented by the Novas have capabilities that normal humans can’t match. Nova doctors have produced cures to a number of diseases, or are working on inventions that could revolutionize the world. At the same time many point out that Novas are still just people, with all the same flaws and inconsistencies man is famous for.

God Hand

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