Deacon Light

Founder of Ortus Laural


Deacon Light is an intensely charismatic man and people claim he has a wide variety of powers. Few know who he was before he Erupted as he claims his “human” life was a time best left behind. He preaches that Novas are the next step in human evolution, that their powers show that they are closer to Gods than men.

Whoever he was he seems to have a solid education and a wide grasp of both political science and philosophy.


Deacon Light is an extremely attractive man who appears to be in his mid-forties. He has brown hair, jaw length. His eyes are blue, though recent reports claim they glow with a golden light. His skin is a bronze tan of indeterminate race. His features are also hard to judge for race. He stands roughly 6’1 and looks about 189lbs. Well muscled and fit, but not over-developed or over-muscled.

He speaks English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese and Cantonese, all without accent. He has been seen flying and can at will produce a brilliant golden light. He is incredibly persuasive and dodges all attempts to learn who he was before he became Deacon Light.

Deacon Light

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